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Frequently Asked Questions

How does billing work?

$2.99 per month plus overages.

When you sign up for Fiz Pro you pay a baseline subscription cost of $2.99 per month. That price includes 1,000 monthly views for your account. Views above that initial 1,000 per month are charged as overages to your account at a standard rate of $.50/1000 additional views. Overages are charged to your account and billed on your next billing cycle.

What happens when I run out of views?

On our paid plan

When your account reaches 1000 views we will track additional views by groups of 1000. By default, all accounts are set to a monthly total cap of 25,000 views. If you go over 25,000 views in a month, all of your pages will unpublish to keep you from being billed in excess. If you would like to raise your cap above 25,000 per month, contact us at

On our free plan

When your account reaches your monthly view cap, we will unpublish all your pages. You will be able to publish them again on the next cycle or after upgrading to Fiz Pro.

How much will I be charged in overages every month?

Overages are based on views.

If you receive more than 1000 total views on your Fizpages in a month, you will be charged $.50 for an additional 1000 views. This will happen at each 1000 view increment. If your sites receive 5,000 views for example you would be charged $2.00 for 4 “overages” of 1000 views past the initial 1000.

Log in and account issues
Where is my login email?

Check your spam folder in your email.

Our emails may be flagged as spam by your email provider. If you don’t receive your login email make sure to check your spam folder. Set any emails from us as not-spam to ensure you receive them in the future.

How do I set my password?

Fiz doesn't use passwords. Don't worry, your account is still safe.

We authenticate your login credentials by sending a link to your email. This means you never need to remember a password to log in. As long as you keep your email safe, your Fizpage account will be too.

Using the Fizpage editor
Why aren't my images uploading?

In order to keep Fizpages running at maximum speed on mobile devices, we limit image sizes to 2mb. Try reducing your image resolution or size to lower it’s file size before uploading.

How do I use a custom domain?

Using a custom domain is very simple but requires you purchase a domain through a service such as GoDaddy or Namecheap before you begin.


Open the publish dialog at the top of your page editor.
in the dialog select the 'custom' tab at the top. Enter the domain you own that you wish to use with www (


Go to the service you purchased your domain at and create a www CNAME record with the data or value of “” 


Navigate back to the publish dialog on your Fizpage and click the “test” button to verify it’s working.

How do I customize my Fizpage?

Choose custom colors, fonts, and layouts to make your fizpage your own.

Colors are suggested automatically based on images you upload. If you would like to choose your own, click the “custom” button under the Colors section to choose a color for your headlines, buttons, and background. You can also customize your website font by clicking the “custom” button under Fonts. Additionally, clicking the “Layout” button on the section you want to customize will let you left, center, or right align your content to change how your page looks. 

Visit for examples.

How do I add a button to my site?

Select “Content” on the section you would like to add a button to. In the bottom left corner of the popup you’ll see “paste button link, social profile, or add text.” Paste the link you would like your button to lead to or the text you would like it to say in that section and hit enter. This will create a new button. You can then customize a button by clicking it or delete them by clicking the x. 

My embed code isn’t working.

You may be trying to embed code we don’t support yet

If you need help with a specific embed code or would like to suggest support for a new one let us know at

What type of analytics come with my Fizpage?

Page view tracking and Google Analytics integration .

All Fizpages come with built-in page view tracking. Fizpage Pro customers can also integrate their Google Analytics accounts for more advanced analytics and link tracking.

How do I view my link click tracking?

You may need to integrate your Google Analytics account.

Fizpage Pro customers who have integrated their Google Analytics ID into their page settings will automatically start receiving click event tracking in their Google Analytics dashboard.